Enel is open power

Enel is open power

Open power for a brighter future.
We empower sustainable progress.


Open Power to tackle some of
the world’s biggest challenges.


Open access to electricity for more people.

Open the world of energy to new technology.

Open to new uses of energy.

Open up to new ways of managing energy for people.

Open up to new partnership.



Principles of conduct

  • Make decisions in daily activities and take responsibility for them.
  • Share information, being willing to collaborate and open to the contribution of others. 
  • Follow through with commitments, pursuing activities with determination and passion. 
  • Change priorities rapidly if the situation evolves. 
  • Get results by aiming for excellence.
  • Adopt and promote safe behavior and move pro-actively to improve conditions for health, safety and well-being.
  • Work for the integration of all, recognizing and leveraging individual diversity (culture, gender, age, disabilities, personality etc.).
  • Work focusing on satisfying customers and/or co-workers, acting effectively and rapidly.
  • Purpose the new solution and do not give up when faced with obstacles or failure.
  • Recongnize merit in co-workers and give feedback that can improve their contribution.